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Honey Pax

Tupelo honey is considered the finest in the world - unique in taste, quality and character, never crystallizes, comes in perfectly portable packets, and is sourced directly from local beekeepers.

Simply Season Harissa

Harnessing bold flavors from around the world. Our Harissa Spice Blend is a culmination of the bold, zesty seasonings typical of North African cuisine.

Taza Dominican 70% Dark

Handcrafted in small batches from single origin Dominican cacao, this bar strikes the perfect balance of bitter with sweet. Bright red-berry notes blend with a hint of biodynamic vanilla.

Zukali Pasaporte Peru Aji Salsa

Its moderate spice and smoky sweetness elevate familiar ingredients to the heights of Machu Picchu! Your palate will be awakened and refreshed by this delicious journey.

Jiva Coffee Cubes

Just drop into hot water and after 30 seconds, stir to enjoy. No machine or clean-up necessary and no lines to stand in.


Partially popped. And fully delicious. Savor the crunchy heart of air-popped kernels. Revel in flavor that's positively packed in - not lost in the fluff of ordinary popcorn.

Nona Thai Curry & Lime Broth

Dive into a bowl of fresh Thai Curry & Lime broth as your taste buds experience the exotic combination of lime and lemongrass.

Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee

We pour the maple bacon flavor on our slow smoked beans like syrup, letting them soak up all the wonderful bacon goodness.

Sicilian Pistachio Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Colle del Gusto combines Sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil in this unbelievably smooth, sweet spread.

Maya Kaimal Chickpea Chips

Addictively crispy chips, made from chickpeas, beans, rice and sesame seeds and loaded with protein, fiber and flavor.

We Rub You Korean BBQ Sauce

Good Korean BBQ starts with a delicious marinade. The ORIGINAL is a family recipe that's a blend of non-GMO soy sauce, apple juice, garlic & ginger.

Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Made from a blend of locally roasted single origin beans and chicory, this special blend yields tasting notes of chocolate and citrus with an ultra full body that is dense, rich, and smooth.