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Stoger Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Only the finest Styrian pumpkin seeds are harvested, sorted by size and color, slowly roasted at a low temperature and pressed into a pure oil following strict European standards.

Bacon Spread

What’s better than bacon? Normally, we would say, well, nothing. That would have been before we met this bacon jam—which is better than bacon itself.

Bhakti Chai Fiery Masala Chai

This award winning blend from Bhakti Chai yields a fiery delicious cup of tea, steep longer and add dairy and your favorite sweetener for India in a cup.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Salty Black Licorice

A toothsome black licorice with notes of caramel and molasses flecked with perfectly flaky sea salt.

Jennings Trout Jerky

Premium trout pieces ground with a peppery blend of herbs and spices, briefly smoked, and then dried to a chewy portion of jerky utopia.

Epic Chicken Sesame BBQ Bites

Packs a whole bunch of protein, vitamins, and key electrolytes into a tasty jerky-like package, perfect for energy in the saddle or snacking when your feet are on the ground.

Butter & Scotch Dark and Stormy Caramel Corn

The perfect cocktail just became the perfect caramel corn with Gosling's Black Seal Rum, fresh grated lime zest, and fresh ginger.

Madagascar Vanilla Cold Brew

The sweet, creamy notes of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, coupled with the rich blend of coffee, create a smooth, yet sweet balance. Note, this flavor does not contain chicory.

Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee

This Concentrate is the product of our 16+ hour cold brew. For an iced beverage, mix Anchorhead concentrate 1:1 with milk or water.

Outpost Cold Brew Coffee

An all natural energy drink with no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no sugar, & no milk. Just coffee brewed in cold h2o for 24 hours.

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Cookie mix that uses local and sustainable flour, three types of sugar including raw turbinado sugar, ground dried whole Heilala vanilla bean, Guittard 72% bittersweet chocolate, and Maldon flaky sea salt.

Smoked Salmon Sampler

The sampler pack comes with a ½ pound each of fresh Irish salmon, Scottish salmon, Nova salmon and Grav Lox, and more...