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Banza Chickpea Pasta, Penne, 6-Pack

Delicious pasta made from chickpeas! High protein, high fiber, gluten free.

Perfect 10 Kookie Tin

The perfect 10 kookie is part of milk bar's christina tosi & supermodel karlie kloss wholesome, health-conscious and philanthropic line of baked goods.

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Exo Protein Cocoa Nut

This bar tastes just like that brownie you crave without any of the junk. Boasting an exceedingly simple ingredient list with nothing you can’t pronounce, Cocoa Nut is the perfect primal snack.

Whipped Wildflower Honey

A soft duvet of creamy nectar. This gooey delicacy will make you want to kiss your toast and eat it too.

Pele - 100% Kona Organic

Ho‘ala means awaken. This coffee's intense, silky flavor will awaken your senses, and help you ease into your day.

Sandows London Cold Brew

Bloomin’ refreshing. The strapline of Sandow London, a producer of cold brew coffee, is spot on: a cold coffee that is slowly brewed using only filtered water but no heat.

Cinnamon Cayenne Kettle-Roasted Almonds

They have a sweet start and a delayed kick that wakes you up and is a delightful snack to combine with coffee, red wine, or chocolate ice cream.

Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar

Fig bars are moist, soft whole wheat cake bars with a sweet fig filling and makes a great on-the-go-breakfast.

Cranberry Pecan Ancient Grain Granola

Tart, chewy cranberries + roasted texas pecans combine with ancient grains and seeds for a warm, buttery taste.